Monday, October 22, 2018

All the posts: October 15 - 21

What kinds of posts do you like?

As we begin to wind down our church and bar visits -- after four years of different places every week, we're ready to commit to one church and one bar --we don't want to lose touch with you. What do you want to read about?

Okay, you think about that while I remind you what we've been doing this past week:

Has anybody else gotten to this point?

Scully and Mulder are at it again

This wasn't the bar we expected to find in Forks


And don't forget: even though the pumpkins are still piled high, it's not too early to plan for Christmas  (sorry). Cheers and Amen is the perfect gift for your pastor or bartender! (And if you get tired of the same church Christmas plays every year, maybe slip a copy of Christmas Skits: Not the Usual into an appropriate trick or treat bag).

So tell us: what else do you want to read about?

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