Monday, September 24, 2018

All the Posts: September 17 - 23, 2018

Yesterday, I was checking out the weather for several places we used to live and looking back at pictures from two years ago, when we were in Wisconsin. I guess a lot of you are still enjoying summer, aren't you? Around here, the "12" flag is flying from the Starbucks headquarters, so I guess it's been fall for a few weeks already.

Still, all the lifestyle blogs are full of posts about decorating your front porch for fall.  Words like "hygge" (it's a Danish word that essentially means cozy, as far as I can tell. I blame Ikea) are sprinkled throughout, and I guess people are excited about the return of pumpkin spice and football. Even though fall started officially on Saturday, we're excited because we have tickets to an A's game this week. Summer hasn't quite ended, even around here.

Naturally, then, the blogs this past week were also a bit of a mix of summer and fall, too. We went to a church that aims to be a warm, homy place, and we went to a preview night that turned out to be perfect for the last summer bar post. And the movie church? Well, you decide. We're still talking about it.

One name, five locations. Sounds like home

Theology, NPR, and Netflix

We went to Detroit, too. Our experience wasn't like this

Monday, September 17, 2018

All the posts: 9/10 - 9/16

What did you do this past week?

This weekend, we finally got to experience what I guess is typical fall weather (yeah, it's fall here already. Leaves are changing color and everything. I didn't expect that for another month). I've started carrying an umbrella in my purse, though I've heard that nobody uses an umbrella around here -- and come to think about it, what will I do with it once it gets wet? Certainly not going to shove it back to the bottom of my purse.

I might have to give some thought to the reasons behind this whole "no umbrellas" concept. Maybe there's more to it than trying to look cool in a downpour.

Anyway, rain or not, we're still exploring Seattle, and this week's posts reflect that. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, we visited a church that might have been hard to find otherwise; we watched a movie on Netflix with lower expectations than the Vatican had for the soccer team in the film; and we managed to get a few words from the bartenders at a kind of pop up beer garden in one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods.

So this is Wallingford

Soccer will change their lives

It's Chinatown

It's Monday morning, and we're getting ready for another workweek with rain in the forecast by Wednesday. What do you have planned this week? Will weather add to the challenges?

Monday, September 10, 2018

All the posts: 9/2 - 9/9/2018

Not King County Transit, but wouldn't it make the commute interesting?
This post will be a little rushed because I need to catch a bus in about 45 minutes. Can I get this done and get to work on time, photos, links, and all? We'll soon see. And since I'm in a hurry, do you mind providing some of the commentary?

Introducing Netflix month. We discussed using "and chill" in the title, but wonder if it's just too suggestive for Movie Churches. Your thoughts?

We check out a big church with a good reputation. Is that reptutation deserved? You decide.

The debate over "netflix and chill" continues. And this movie doesn't help at all. What do you think these people could have done differently?

This bar was exactly what it ought to be, and the A's won, and we saw a warthog. Should we have sung when asked?

Probably not the model for Bill the Warthog in the mysteries by Dean A. Anderson
It's a manic Monday here, but thanks to public transit, I think I'll make it to work on time. How's your week starting?

Monday, September 3, 2018

All the posts: 8/27 through 9/2 -- THE QUIZ

You like silly quizzes, don't you?

I hope so. This week, if you answer all the questions on this open-book quiz correctly, you could win a fabulous prize from our prize cupboard (which contains mostly t-shirts we collected during 2016, but includes codes for free Kindle versions of Cheers and Amen). Comment with your answers by 6:00 pm Pacific Time (that's 9:00 pm for those of you near the East Coast and somewhere during the afternoon for those in Alaska and Hawaii.) tomorrow, September 4, 2018.*

So, on to the quiz:

1. Why did Mindy go to church alone this week?
a. She and Dean disagreed about which church to attend
b. She and Dean agreed, but he came down with a sudden toothache
c. Dean slept in
d. Mindy slept in

2. Which of the actors in this Middle Ages film would Dean most like to meet?
a. Matthew Broderick
b. Rutger Hauer
c. John Wood
d. Michelle Pfeiffer

3. Is Pecado Bueno in West Seattle more of a bar or a restaurant?
a. bar
b. restaurant
c. who cares?
d. geeks drink there, so we'll let it slide

Helpful hints:
This week's church post

This week's movie post

This week's bar post

Bonus: Recommend a church, movie (with church or clergy), or bar that we haven't written about yet.

*Three winners will be announced Wednesday morning! Do your best, show your work, and be kind. If you don't want to take the quiz but want to buy a copy of Cheers and Amen, you can find the paperback here or the Kindle version (on sale through Tuesday morning, September 4) here.