Monday, November 26, 2018

All the posts: November 18-24

Washington leaves, Thanksgiving weekend
As the only member of the household who really looks forward to eating turkey, this week has been a culinary delight. As I eat my final turkey sandwich today, I'm thankful for the week past.

Our whole family ate Thanksgiving dinner together. Dean and I found another West Seattle bar we'll be glad to revisit. And I never have to watch the latest Robin Hood film again.

How about you? What are you thankful for as November winds down?

This church's name is only a little baffling

What's up with Robin's hoodie, and where does Marion get her velvet and lace?

Robin really tries to be good

Thankful for Washington sunrises from my front porch
Was it magic or chemistry?

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

All the posts: November 11 - 17, 2018

distant orca at sunset
Last week we had an experience we've never had before (and we hear it's pretty rare).

My brother and sister-in-law live on an island; we'd hoped to visit them when we visited Washington in 2016, but there just wasn't enough time for the drive to the ferry and the ferry ride, let alone the time we wanted to spend with them. So we put the visit off.

As soon as we moved to Seattle, we started making plans to visit them, and last week it finally happened. Hilary (my sister-in-law) sent us tickets so we could walk onto the ferry. We managed to board moments before the boat left (thankfully, several minutes late), and settled into seats by a window. Once we were underway, Dean noticed something out in the water, just far enough away that we couln't see it plainly. He thought it might be a seal or a sea lion.

We were pretty excited until the boat started slowing down and someone (the pilot? the captain?) announced that they'd noticed an orca off the port side (that was the left...or the opposite side of where we were sitting). People began lining the windows. I hurried to the deck to see and try to take pictures while Dean graciously stayed with our bags.

People were pointing and exclaiming. Families were taking selfies as the orca surfaced behind them. I took pictures, then remembered Dean hadn't had a chance to look yet, so I headed in to stay with our stuff. He went to the windows and watched for awhile, then came back. It made for a pretty exciting Saturday afternoon -- and technically, that was part of our trip to church the next day, right?

But you came for the links, not a long-winded story about a ferryboat slowdown, right? Here they are:

In this case, "island time" was 10:00 am

A Robin Hood who thankfully stopped trying to speak with an English accent (with a nod to one who does it naturally)

An extremely short bar post with lots of pictures

Monday, November 12, 2018

All the posts: November 5 - 10

Mindy Anderson's autumn leaves, West Seattle, Washington
No time for a long post this morning, so here's a haiku with links instead:

Light on a dark night,
Two Disney Robin Hood films,
Another dark night.

How's your autumn going?

P.S. Don't forget that Not the Usual Christmas Skits is available at Amazon (so is Cheers and Amen, if you're in a gift-buying mood).

Monday, November 5, 2018

All the posts: October 29 - November 4

You knew, didn't you, that at the end of the year, we'll be finishing our bar and church wanderings? Movie Churches will live on as long as Dean can find movies to write about (and that list is always growing), but visiting a new place every week, though exciting and fun, is hard to keep up. We're ready to belong, not just visit. 

As we enter the last two months of walking into new bars and going to new churches, we're looking back at the past four years of church visits and the past two years of finding bars. What are you still curious about? What questions do you have that you'd like us to get answers for? And would you like a post with as many statistics as I can cram in? Please email us at deanandmindygotochurch at gmail dot com, send us a facebook message or comment on a post. We'll try to do what we can to complete this project well.*

But you came for links to the past week's posts, didn't you? Well, here you go:

And just in case you're really eager for Christmas and want to put on a show, check out Dean's latest book (which I just discovered is the #1 new release in liturgical dramas and plays!):

*Cheers and Amen, the book about our 2016 quest to visit a church and a bar in every state, is also available on Amazon. Your pastor or bartender probably wants a copy in their Christmas stocking. If you'd like an autographed copy, let us know!