Monday, September 17, 2018

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What did you do this past week?

This weekend, we finally got to experience what I guess is typical fall weather (yeah, it's fall here already. Leaves are changing color and everything. I didn't expect that for another month). I've started carrying an umbrella in my purse, though I've heard that nobody uses an umbrella around here -- and come to think about it, what will I do with it once it gets wet? Certainly not going to shove it back to the bottom of my purse.

I might have to give some thought to the reasons behind this whole "no umbrellas" concept. Maybe there's more to it than trying to look cool in a downpour.

Anyway, rain or not, we're still exploring Seattle, and this week's posts reflect that. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, we visited a church that might have been hard to find otherwise; we watched a movie on Netflix with lower expectations than the Vatican had for the soccer team in the film; and we managed to get a few words from the bartenders at a kind of pop up beer garden in one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods.

So this is Wallingford

Soccer will change their lives

It's Chinatown

It's Monday morning, and we're getting ready for another workweek with rain in the forecast by Wednesday. What do you have planned this week? Will weather add to the challenges?

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  1. The geography of thr area leads to raindrops that are smaller than average and the wind renders umbrellas much less useful than a solid jacket. The secret is a really solid jacket.