Monday, September 3, 2018

All the posts: 8/27 through 9/2 -- THE QUIZ

You like silly quizzes, don't you?

I hope so. This week, if you answer all the questions on this open-book quiz correctly, you could win a fabulous prize from our prize cupboard (which contains mostly t-shirts we collected during 2016, but includes codes for free Kindle versions of Cheers and Amen). Comment with your answers by 6:00 pm Pacific Time (that's 9:00 pm for those of you near the East Coast and somewhere during the afternoon for those in Alaska and Hawaii.) tomorrow, September 4, 2018.*

So, on to the quiz:

1. Why did Mindy go to church alone this week?
a. She and Dean disagreed about which church to attend
b. She and Dean agreed, but he came down with a sudden toothache
c. Dean slept in
d. Mindy slept in

2. Which of the actors in this Middle Ages film would Dean most like to meet?
a. Matthew Broderick
b. Rutger Hauer
c. John Wood
d. Michelle Pfeiffer

3. Is Pecado Bueno in West Seattle more of a bar or a restaurant?
a. bar
b. restaurant
c. who cares?
d. geeks drink there, so we'll let it slide

Helpful hints:
This week's church post

This week's movie post

This week's bar post

Bonus: Recommend a church, movie (with church or clergy), or bar that we haven't written about yet.

*Three winners will be announced Wednesday morning! Do your best, show your work, and be kind. If you don't want to take the quiz but want to buy a copy of Cheers and Amen, you can find the paperback here or the Kindle version (on sale through Tuesday morning, September 4) here.

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