Monday, September 10, 2018

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Not King County Transit, but wouldn't it make the commute interesting?
This post will be a little rushed because I need to catch a bus in about 45 minutes. Can I get this done and get to work on time, photos, links, and all? We'll soon see. And since I'm in a hurry, do you mind providing some of the commentary?

Introducing Netflix month. We discussed using "and chill" in the title, but wonder if it's just too suggestive for Movie Churches. Your thoughts?

We check out a big church with a good reputation. Is that reptutation deserved? You decide.

The debate over "netflix and chill" continues. And this movie doesn't help at all. What do you think these people could have done differently?

This bar was exactly what it ought to be, and the A's won, and we saw a warthog. Should we have sung when asked?

Probably not the model for Bill the Warthog in the mysteries by Dean A. Anderson
It's a manic Monday here, but thanks to public transit, I think I'll make it to work on time. How's your week starting?

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