Monday, July 23, 2018

All the Posts: July 16 through 22

This morning I was drinking my coffee on the front porch when I suddenly got a whiff of that briny, tar-scented smell of saltwater I associate with vacations by the beach. Wow. I get to hear seagulls (and crows) every day, even though we can't see the water. We can see the occasional cargo ship sail by if we look past the warehouses, train tracks, recycling center, and construction equipment, so I know the waterway's there!

Anyway, that's my excuse for getting this post out late: I was distracted by summer. 

Otherwise, we've been getting settled into our new routine. Dean started his new job, we're figuring out how to get around (we have to go through two five-way stops to get anywhere north or east of us. GPS is our best friend), and we've figured out where most of our stuff goes. I even planted some seeds and bought a tomato plant. We visited a new bar (more or less by accident), a new church (where we were surprised), and Dean watched another murder mystery.

And that's what you came for: to find out about last week's posts -- so here they are:

Okay, I'm back to porch-sitting and watching the traffic stopped on the West Seattle Bridge. Have a good week!

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