Friday, July 19, 2019

Your chance to hear us talk

The Dismantle Podcast
All week, I've been teasing that something big resulted from our time in New Jersey, and all those reposts you've been reading (thank you!) have been -- believe it or not -- background material.

A few months ago, our friend (and NJ hostess) Fiona asked us if we were interested in being interviewed by her friend Joe, who had a podcast.

Why not? we said, even though we had no idea how being interviewed for a podcast worked.

Next thing we knew, Joe was asking questions and listening politely as we babbled into the microphone on our laptop. And now, you, too, can hear us babble by listening to The Dismantle podcast.

Check out the other episodes, too! We think what Joe's doing is pretty important, and we're grateful we get to be part of it.

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