Monday, June 11, 2018

Mindy considers coffee, another undercover nun, and we visit a duplex bar: all the posts 6/3 - 6/9/2018

As we fnish up in Fresno before moving to Seattle (you knew about that, right?), we took a break from visiting new churches in order to spend one last weekend with our friends at The Bridge Fresno. Our Sunday School class (Hi, One Accord!) celebrated the start of summer with a gathering on Saturday night, and on Sunday we attended the morning worship service for (probably) the last time as regular attenders. We've been very grateful for our time with the class and with the congregation at large -- and while the post isn't about the church, their coffee ministry inspired this week's post. Thank you, friends! We appreciate your welcome and wish we could have spent more time with you.

Over at Movie Churches, though, it was just another week of undercover nuns, this time with Andie McDowell and Bruce Willis. Dean's really not sure the Pope would be okay with this particular ministry.

We had to go a long way (about 950 miles), but we got to a new bar this week. Not that we've been to all the bars in Fresno, it's just that Dean got pretty excited about the carnival theme, and since there are technically two bars in one space, we figured it improved our average of bars visited per week -- so it was well worth the trip.

Oh, you wanted the links? Here you go:

Mindy explains why coffee haters can like coffee at church

Dean explains what he thinks of the nun in Hudson Hawk

Dean explains why we drove almost 1000 miles to walk into a bar

And hey, those of you in northern California: we'll be reading (and, we hope, selling) copies of our book, Cheers and Amen, at a couple of bars next week. On Monday, June 18, we'll be at Dukes in Healdsburg from 7-8 pm; on Tuesday, June 19, we'll be at Final Edition in Larkfield. If you want to hear more about our year-long adventure visiting bars and churches in all 50 states, come on over!
(and stay tuned -- we'll have more news about the book next week)

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